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Welcome to Sergey’s

Sergey’s Smoke Shop was founded in 2007 and now has grown to multiple location in Southeastern Connecticut.  We are a family owned and operated business which gives a community connection to our customers. We travel the world and all the trade shows to provide the very best cigars and smoking accessories for the most expert cigar enthusiast to the beginner!

We are very proud of our selection and dedication to customer service.  We carry hundreds of different cigars from every part of the world – East to West.  Come visit us and enter one of the largest walk in humidors in the area.  Built with special cedar to keep the cigars always fresh.  WE look forward to seeing you and know that you are sure to find your favorite cigars and discover something new!


With one of the largest Walk-In Humidors in the area, we carry cigars from all corners of the globe for you to choose from. Come check out our vast collection of Always fresh - ready to enjoy cigars!


Vaporizers allow you to extract flavors, aromas and herbs with less smoke. We are proud to carry personal vaporizers of all sizes and styles, an extensive selection of e-liquids, and vaping accessories, portables, pens and desktop styles.


You found your perfect cigar, Great! Now you will want to make sure you keep them fresh and ready for the perfect smoking experience. Your cigar and smoking accessories should be as good as the cigar you love to enjoy. We have everything you could need to light, smoke and savor with your cigars.


You will never run out of gift ideas for your beloved cigar aficionado or unique collector. We have collectable vintage style Harley Davidson artwork, collectable figurines, and stylish personal smoking accessories.


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Winter Hours

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